Editing Categories

We’ve worked hard to make the Recipe Box an easy way to keep your recipes organized. Those categories found in the Browse menu are key, and we’ve made it so you can add new ones, delete redundant ones or just change the names around to suit your needs. Here’s a simple run-down of how to do that.

  • 1. You can see the Settings button right at the bottom of this screen. Once you’re in Settings mode, select the button marked “Add or delete subcategories”.

  • 2. A popover will appear with all of the category headings expanded to reveal the subcategories with minus signs next to them. Deleting a label is as easy as tapping the minus. A red delete button will appear on the right. Tap delete, and that heading will be gone. The recipes that were in that category will be safe, but won’t show that category anymore.

  • AN IMPORTANT WORD OF CAUTION: If you delete all of the subcategories in a particular section, the whole section will be deleted, and can't be brought back.

  • 3. If you look at the bottom of each category section you’ll also notice a blank entry field with a green plus sign next to it. You can add a new subcategory here by tapping inside the field. In the example, we’ve entered “Pickle and Preserve”.

  • 4. When you’re finished typing, either tap the plus or tap the return key on the keyboard. The new subcategory will fall into its rightful alphabetical place in the section.

  • 5. Now let’s say you want to edit a subcategory. Simply tap the label you want to edit. The cursor will appear there, as will an x button. If you want to clear the name of the label and start over, tap the x.

  • 6. In the example, we’ve added a few letters to the label to make it more personal. Tapping anywhere outside of the label makes the change stick. Exit Settings mode by selecting Done in the top right of the screen. And that’s about it!